Saturday, February 23, 2008

Japanese Hot Pot @ Sakana Grill

This is my first blog so let me get my format straight before I start posting too much on a regular basis. My first blog will talk about Hot Pot as in Fondue. There are many different styles but for today I was thinking Japanese. With the cold weather about to disappear this is a good time to get out the chop sticks and go to town.

For years I have thought about having the Shabu Shabu at Sakana Grill (the downtown location). So this is the review that I gave for that experience....

Usually the restaurant is hustling with people but today the grills are empty and we should be able to get a booth. Its in that time that I realize a Calgary Flames games is on. With the restaurant not really busy I hope that this will lead to an unpresidented service, and food. Only waiting a minute we are sat down quickly at a booth. Yes, looking on the menu the Shabu Shabu is still there. I am so hungry this better be good.

Only waiting a few minutes the waitress comes and and we order the Shabu Shabu right off the bat with some Japanese Green Tea.

The tea comes quickly then the burner to heat our food. After about 5 minutes the pot comes with the soup to cook our food. Kinda bland looking and smelling but hey it not all here.

Then it comes. The food arrives with one plate of beef per person ( @$18.50) and a plate assorted vegetables Bok Choy, mushrooms (a few), baby corn, tofu (lots of it), and noodles. The beef is like 8 very small pieces. I have never seen beef cut so thin for the hot pot. This is it. After crying for a minute we start the process of cooking the beef first. Just before it is done cooking the waitress brings Steak Sauce and Ginger Sauce that is usually used for the grill items. Ok here we go.

After devouring the beef in a few minutes we decide to order another plate each of beef and start in on the rest of the food. Now we spend another hour eating Tofu and vegetables. Which don't get me wrong are heathy but just not really something that really grabs you.

If you have never had Hot Pot before you will enjoy the experience but for a veteran this was very disappointing. Not enough beef and it was mostly noodles and tofu which are cheap...

As Hot Pots go I would rate this a 6/10.

But hey I like Sakana Grill maybe not for Hot Pot. They have an amazing Grill with Streak and Shrimp that I am sure clogs your arteries but worth the heart attack. They also have probably the best Sushi Boats in town. If you go in non peak hours they have some really good deals. At 3 PM till 5 PM and from 10 PM till close they have the $30 boats for a price close to $20... Lunch is always quaint for the typical Sushi/Tempura/Teriyaki boxed food. I don't think anyone can beat them on price and quality....

So my ratings are:

Atmosphere: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 8/10 ( With higher being more expensive...)
Food Rating: 6/10 (without Hot Pot 7.5/10)

Downtown Location
116 - 2nd Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0B9
Tel: 403-290-1118

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Anonymous said...

Pretty great reviews on here. I'll be sure to try some of these Calgary treasures out.