Sunday, March 16, 2008

Noodle World Vietnamese Restaurant - #38

I have been meaning to post this on March 8th for International Woman's day. The number 38 (from the third month eighth day) or San Ba (in Mandarin Chinese) is an indirect way of saying 'mean woman' in Chinese. Now I am sure you are asking what does that have to do with this restaurant? My favorite entry on the menu here is number 38.

This restaurant is surround with lots of Vietnamese restaurants in the Forest Lawn Area. They have ample parking and open till 9 PM. They are larger than most Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary and you will see something that you usually don't see in Calgary. Large groups of Vietnamese family's go here to eat (more than 6...). The dollar to meat ratio is high just like MBA. You get a really good portion and food for you dollar.

Like any real Chinese restaurant the Tea is free. My all time favorites here are as follows:

#38 Noodle World Vermicelli Special $10.50 (Bean Curd Skin with Shrimp Paste, Spring Roll, Charcoaled Pork and Shrimp on Vermicelli). They will add extra pickled carrots and cucumbers at no additional cost. They rock for doing the little changes for free.

#53 Noodle World Broken Rice Special $10.50 (Vietnamese Sausage, Charcoaled Pork Chop, shredded Pork, Bean Curd Skin with Shrimp Paste, and Steamed Egg Pork Cake over broken rice server with sweet Fish Sauce.

#32 Stewed Beef with Noodles $7.50 (The name says it all. It is served with rice or egg noodles). My favorite is to pay a little more get extra beef and some tomatoes with it.

All these dishes have large portions that could feed large families in Vietnam.

The only really sad thing with the restaurant is that their specials for 2 or 4 persons are not really that good. They get a little pricey and just don't have the kick that the other dishes have. If you stick to all the single portion specials this restaurant will not disappoint.

I think I will be adding pictures to my commentary and if anyone has any feed back good or bad please do not hesitate to post it here. For all you newbies here is a good link to get you head around the Vietnamese cuisine...

: ) Egg ratings are:

Atmosphere: 6/10 (like most China Town Restaraunts)
Service: 7/10 ccc
Price: 5/10 ( With higher being more expensive...)
Food Rating: 7/10

#114, 4909 - 17th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2A 0V5
Tel: 403-248-5778

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Shushi - Somewhere new

I had gone to the Shikiji restaurant when it had first opened and I don't really remember much but I had no desire to really go back again. Now I believe that like anything in life you never know when things change. I thought I had better go when I have heard 3 or 4 different people talk about the restaurant. This included some Japanese people I heard talk about it. I don't know too many Japanese people and I always like trying authentic food.

So I had some meetings to finish before I was able to meet some friends at the restaurant but I thought it would be no big deal to get in. Its on Centre. What place is busy on Centre Street? Well thats the first mistake. I walk in and BAM. There is like 7 people waiting ahead of me. Check out their web site. Call for a reservation and save some time. I don't believe in waiting for anything so if you go here call in advance.

So after waiting for some people to clear out I finally get to sit down just as my dinner guests arrive. I think they sort of planned that.

So having heard some friends talk about the noodles I immediately thought which ones should I try. I know nothing of Japanese Noodles and I think I should get something new and interesting. Well, no turtle or frog is listed so I guess I will have to settle for something less exotic. After much debate I decide upon the Nabeyaki Udon. Mushrooms and shrimp. I don't think you can ever go wrong with that sort of combination. (I looked at the web site and I noticed that they haven't increased the prices on the web site to reflect the menu. The Nabeyaki is $15.95 but $13.95 on the web site. )

My friends order the Shikiji and Sushi and I realize that I should try some Sashimi and get some Salmon coming with the soup. Later as we are waiting for the food I think. If the soup is named after the restaurant maybe I should of ordered that but I am never that quick when I haven't eaten for 7 hours...

So our meal starts with the soup and then ends with the raw fish.

So the soup arrives and I will have to say that was the best Udon noodles that I have ever eaten. But its soup and noodles. I think it sort of expensive for what it is. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the broth was perfect. The Tempura that was with soup was the best that I have ever eaten. Its nice to have something different from the Sakana Grills and clone restaurants ( Sumo, etc.,) but it is only soup. And I am not going to loose any weight eating Udon noodles at nite...

So after the soup is done they bring the Sushi and Sashimi. Its nice to have food brought in order. I think some of the Chinese restaurant's could really learn that little trick. (PS. I tried some of the Shikiji and will have to go back to try that again later. I am not wild on noodles but I think I should really try it. But I noticed it gets soggy quickly so eat that fast.)

Its really interesting. When you try a food and say I really like that. And then. One day you try the same food cooked by someone really special. Well, the Salmon Sashimi was the freshest Sushi that I have ever eaten. It was not to thick not too thin perfect in thickness and in presentation. With the Wasabi it was soo good it was like candy. I really think that I will have trouble eating at other Sushi restaurants after eating here.

It has been a long time since I was impressed at a restaurant and I think for Japanese food this is a good place to try to set your bar when you trying Japanese places. Just call ahead, I really hate waiting, its not like we don't do that enough now in Calgary because of the labour shortage.

So my ratings are:

Atmosphere: 7/10 (got the whole Yuppie Jazz going on)
Service: 7/10 cc
Price: 7/10 ( With higher being more expensive...)
Food Rating: 7.5/10

1608 Centre Street North
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2R9
Tel: 403-520-0093

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